Sagem unveils my300C cellphone

There were already a couple of Sagem cellphones on the “my” series, more specifically the my850v, and the my150x. But the latest cellphone presented by Sagem is the my300C , a slim and light cellphone with a cheap price, perfect for the people that don’t want a top-notch phone but at the same time want a functional + simple phone that can make/receive calls, and send/receive SMS.

The clamshell type of phone only measures 79.2 x 43.5 x 21.7mm and has a weight of 80 grams. The main features include a VGA camera (with not many megapixels), WAP 2.0, SMS and MMS as previously said, and Java games.

Extra features include polyphonic ringtones, 4 hours of battery life in talking-mode, and last but not least, 3MB of onboard memory.

It’s available now on Vodafone PAYG, in black or white & pink.

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