Motorola Droid Shows GSM Features

The Droid might be a Verizon Wireless exclusive phone in the USA but that doesn’t mean that Motorola shouldn’t sell in other markets too. After all the Droid is probably going to be one of the best Android phones around and I’m pretty sure that Motorola will want to cash in on all that hotness.

The FCC has revealed exactly such a version of the Droid that could be used all around the GSM world. What’s more interesting is that the GSM Droid has support for AT&T’s WCDMA 850 and 1900MHz bands which also happen to be used by carriers in Canada. Not that Verizon will share the Droid with AT&T any time soon! But Rogers, Bell and Telus will probably want to launch the phone in the following months or, dare we say, in the following weeks?

Will you buy the Droid next week from Verizon or are you waiting for a GSM version of it?

via MobileCrunch

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