HP Pavilion DV9700, DV6700, e TX1400 and DV2700 Laptops

HP announced the USA launch of the latest Pavilion DV9700, DV6700, e TX1400 and DV2700 Laptops. Along with these Notebooks the company will also debut the special editions HP Pavilion dv2700se and dv67000se. The Pavilion dv6700t and dv9700t models will be Intel-based while the dv6700z and dv9700z will be AMD-powered. The latest Series has similar configurations. The advanced version of HP Pavilion tx1410us will feature AMD Turion Processor 64 X2 Dual-Core TL-64 2.2GHz, 2GB of memory and a hard disk from 250GB. All the models come with IDP Nvidia Geforce Go 6150. The dv2700, dv6700 and dv9700 will be priced around 799 dollars, 649 dollars and 999 dollars respectively. However, the Special Edition’s price may vary from 849 dollars to 1.049 dollars.


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