Hello Vino Free App for iPhones

Selecting the right wine for the right occasion may seem a daunting task for hosts but now thanks to this new app from Hello Vino, the right wine for any event or occasion is just an iPhone away. The new app which is available over at iTunes, selects the perfect type of wine to go with a meal or occasion, or to give as a gift.

Wine shoppers need only install the app, and answer a few simple questions to get a specific wine recommendation. Hello Vino offers beginning wine consumers an easy way to make an educated wine purchase both in the store and at a restaurant.

“Buying wine can be very intimidating,” says Hello Vino CEO Rick Breslin. “You’re standing in the store, looking at a wall full of hundreds of bottles, and you have no idea which wine to buy. Hello Vino takes the pressure off.”

iPhone or iPod Touch owners don’t need to have an Internet connection to use the app whenever they would need it. The app is free for download.

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