Bush launches DAB radio with touch-screen display

I always thought that Bush was suppose to be a manufacturer of satellite antennas, but maybe this is a different Bush we are talking about. Anyway, “they” released a new audio device, on the DAB – Digital Audio Broadcast – category that can play radio and has a strange codename of TR04DABBLK.

The new Bush DAB comes with a touch-screen control, which means you can say goodbye to the boring tasks of pressing buttons, and say hello to the upcoming trend of touch-screens. It has an auto-tune function, and the limit to store preset radios is 10 for DAB stations, and another 10 for the FM stations which can be picked by a simple touch on the screen.

It also comes with scrolling text that is displayed in 2 lines on the LCD that has a LED back light display. The retro style continues to be presents, like it happens in other Bush products.

The Bush TR04DABBLM is priced at ?45, close to $92.

via pocket-lint

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