AT&T to Launch Lots of Phones Soon

Looking for a new phone? AT&T is getting ready to launch quite a few of them and we’re ready to take look at them.

Nokia Piranha will be launched on March 24th. It’s a “thin smartphone with a touchscreen” so it’s either the 5800 XpressMusic but it could also be the E71x without the touchscreen thing.

The Samsung Propel Pro will arrive on March 19 while the Impression, a touchscreen slider, 3 megapixel camera will come on March 26. The last of the future AT&T Samsung handsets is the BJ 2 and it will arrive on May 9.

AT&T will launch the LG Xenon on April 9 and the Neon of May 9. June 9 will see one more handset coming, the C905 from Sony Ericsson. And you know what other phone is coming on June right?

via Engadget Mobile

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