Alpha Jax comes to Windows Phone 7

Lately, I have been discovering the wonders of Words with Friends on Android. (On a somewhat related note, I just beat my wife on our first game with “grok”.)

I found a similar game for Windows Phone 7 with Alpha Jax. I honestly don’t think that Alpha Jax is a rip-off of Words with Friends, as Words with Friends is just Scrabble, really. Alpha Jax has apparently won some awards, but clearly not for originality.

Anyway, you probably don’t need a description of how the game is played. It features a method of playing games with phone contacts, and play up to 30 active games at once. You can also view previous games, and chat with friends while in-game.

Alpha Jax is available for free in an unlimited trial version for download here. I believe that it is on Facebook and Twitter, but I don’t know about Android and iOS. In fact, I realize that I don’t really get a chance to report on may Windows 7 apps, but I would like that to change.

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