Finis Aquapulse Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Review–Great For Trainers

We’ve got a strange device for you today from the folks out at Finis, who sent over an Aquapulse Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor for us to review. And if you into getting outside and getting some exercise, you’re likely going to love this thing.

The Finis Aquapulse Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor offers up pretty much exactly what the name implies, a heart rate monitor that’s fully waterproof. It clips to your ear and then attaches to a pair of swim goggles (though you can attach it to other things, as you’ll find in a few minutes), then, via bone conduction audio, announces your current heart rate in a regular–and user selectable–interval. It boasts a USB connection so you can connect it to your PC, and take advantage of spreadsheet functions to track your rates.

You can see why I suggest this for exercisers, and don’t worry: it may be waterproof, but it’s not just for swimmers. When I was trying this out, I ended up clipping it to the ear stem of a set of sunglasses, and it turned out to work nicely. Quietly, but nicely all the same. It’s clearly geared toward swimmers, though, as you’ll find the volume much better when you’re using it underwater. It’s surprisingly easy to use and modify the intervals for the best and most accurate tracking, though I can’t attest to its accuracy as I don’t own a blood pressure cuff.

Still though, you’ll have one clear impediment to choosing this route, as the Finis Aquapulse Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor is currently retailing for $149.99 out at Amazon.

It’s a pricey alternative, but considering that it will go almost seamlessly from pool to track to computer, well, you’ll be getting what you pay for especially if you’re a fitness buff. The Finis Aquapulse Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor is simple to use but not without its failings.

The Good

Extraordinarily versatile

Terrific for fitness buffs

Easy to use

The Bad


Very strictly limited in effectiveness

Score 8 / 10


Motorola Droid 3 Gets Rooted

Just before we let you know that infamous iOS jailbreaker Comex had joined Apple as an intern. This came as quite the blow to the jailbreaking community as Comex has proven himself to be instrumental in the jailbreaking efforts. On the Android side of thigns there is also a dedicated community working on gaining deeper control of their devices but with Android it’s not called jailbreaking but instead, rooting.

If you have a Motorola Droid 3 you’ll probably know that the smartphone has gone unr-rooted for quite some time. Well those days are long over as the Android community has let us know that there is now a one click method available for the Droid 3. Head here for further instructions but, as always, proceed at your own risk.

Samsung to Release LTE Enabled Galaxy Tab 8.9

With such high powered mobile devices on the market it’s no suprise that consumers are using these devices to do more things than ever before. not only are they using them to make calls but they are aso using them to do things like check their email, browse the web, download applications and stream music and movies through services like Spotify and Netflix. If you couldn’t already tell, much of what consumers are using their mobile phones and tablets for require Internet connections. This isn’t a problem as just about every smartphone to hit the market comes complete with built-in 3G connectivity and for consumers looking for a bit more oomph, there is 4G.

Those of you looking for a new tablet with built-in 4G LTE connectivity may want to keep an eye on the Galaxy Tab 8.9. This 8.9-inch Honeycomb tablet will feature a form factor similar to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 but with, quite obviously, a smaller screen. Another thing to make note of is the fact that the device has apparently just passed through the FCC with built-in 4G LTE connectivity as I alluded to above.

Unfortunately there’s no telling exactly when carriers such as Verizon will begin offering the LTE enabled Galaxy Tab 8.9 but we’ll certainly keep you posted.

LG Enlighten Appears in Walmart Ad for 97-cents

With so many different hardware manufacturers getting down on the fun it’s no surprise that there are so many different Android powered devices on the market. This is a great thing for consumers looking to pick up a new smartphone as there are countless options to choose from. However, many of the more high powered offerings such as the HTC EVO 4G, HTC Thunderbolt and the Motorola Atrix tend to be priced upwards of $100. This isn’t a problem for those of you who need their smartphone fix but does pose a problem for those on a budget.

Luckily many companies have taken the liberty of catering towards such consumers on a budget by releasing decent smartphones with a low cost. Such is the case with the LG Enlighten which has recently appeared in a Walmart advertisement for just 97-cents with 2-year contract. This  device features a 3.2-inch HVGA display, 800MHz processor, 150MB of internal storage, 2GB included microSD card, 3.2 megapixel rear facing camera, slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a 1500 mAh battery. On the software side of things the LG Enlighten runs Google’s Android but we don’t yet have confirmation as to what version it is – presumably Froyo.

The LG Enlighten will be made available from Walmart next week so if you’re looking to grab a decently powered Android phone for less than a dollar keep your eyes peeled.

iOS Jailbreaker Comex Joins Apple

Apple’s iOS is without a doubt one of the most used mobile platforms on the market today but it is not perfect. One of the biggest gripes consumers have had with the platform thus far is the low level of customization associated with the platform. Another gripe is the fact that consumers are only allowed to install applications on their phone that have been pre-approved by Apple thus eliminating the possibility of discovering a ton of high quality software.

Luckily, enterprising hackers such as Comex have taken it upon themselves to continuously jailbreak new releases of iOS and give consumers unprecedented control over their devices. In fact, Comex was so instrumental in the jailbreaking process that he actually created the infamous which allowed consumers to jailbreak their device utilizing nothing more than the Safari web browser.

Well it seems that dark days may be ahead for those looking to jailbreak their devices. The reason I say thi is because it’s just been made known that Nicholas Allegra, otherwise known as Comex, has joined Apple as an intern. No telling exactly what Allegra will be doing for the company but our best guess would be helping to make the iOS platform more secure.

Will this prove a threat to future jailbreakers? We’ll have to wait and see.

Samsung Announcing New Devices Including Galaxy Tab 7.7, Wave 3 & Galaxy Note on September 1

Samsung is one of the biggest names in the smartphone world and note without reason. Despite the fact that Apple has brought forth a lawsuit regarding the Samsung Galaxy S it has still managed to become one of the best selling Android powered devices of all time. But, Samsung doesn’t look to be stopping this trend anytime soon as word has just broke that the company will be announcing a whole slew of new devices come September 1st.

According to promotional material obtained by This is my next, Samsung will come forth on September 1st to announce the Galaxy Tab 7.7, Wave 3 and Galaxy Note. There isn’t much information as to what exactly these devices will be but the Galaxy Tab will presumably be a 7.7-inch Honeycomb tablet, the Wave 3 a smartphone powered by Samsung’s Bada operating system and the Galaxy Note potentially a tablet with stylus input.

We’ll keep you posted as more information is made known regarding these devices.

Verizon Prepping Motorola Droid 2 Android ‘Gingerbread’ 2.3 Update

While there was once a huge fuss over the delayed release schedule of Android updates things are largely starting to play out. For example, it was just made known today that Verizon Wireless is finally gearing up to release the Android ‘Gingerbread’ 2.3 update for the Motorola Droid 2. This will come as a relief to many as the Droid 2 has been on the market for quite some time with the Droid 3 already available.

Unfortunately this doesn’t clue us in as to when exactly the device will get the update but recent reports have suggested that Verizon will begin rolling it out over the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

HTC Omega Smartphone Gets Rendered

The beauty of being an independent hardware producer rests within the fact that you’re not tied down to any one platform. This means that you will be able to flock to any platform that shows promise. HTC is one prime example of this who have produced smartphones for not only Google’s highly popular Android mobile platform but Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform as well.

There’s no telling where HTC plans to go next but for the time being it seems that they will continue what they have been. In fact, one of their newest phones currently known as the HTC Omega has broken cover today as a render. What you see above is courtesy of our friends over at PocketNow and shows off the HTC Omega in all of its glory. Unfortunately there isn’t much talk about what this device will have on a hardware level but we can clearly see a slot for a front facing camera in the above render.

We’ll keep you posted with more news regarding the HTC Omega as it is made available.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Gets Netflix Support & More

There are many different ways to consume media but as of late many consumers have been turning to the cloud. Popular services such as Netflix and Hulu allow us to watch our favorite content without ever having to leave the house. But there is a catch as these services tend to leave out some device support with many tablets, for example, being left in the dark. However, if you’re an ASUS Eee Pad Transformer owner and want to get your Netflix on, you’re in luck.

The reason I say this is because reports have just surfaced that say the critically acclaimed Honeycomb tablet has officially gotten Netflix support. Also included in this update are things such as faster boot times and the ability to disable the virtual keyboard when docked. Sounds good to me. The update should be sent out over the air so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

If you’ve already gotten the update, how are things working for you?

Motorola XOOM Getting 4G LTE Upgrade Now, Kind Of

Tablets are some of the hottest devices on the market with Apple’s iPad 2 currently the clear winner. However, tablets powered by Google’s Android Honeycomb have been gaining quite a bit of steam lately with units such as the Motorola XOOM giving us a clear example of what’s to come.

While this device is quite good in its own sense, many have been wondering when Motorola will be bringing forth the long promised 4G LTE upgrade. Well, it seems that the update is coming earlier that we had originally thought with leaks suggesting it is starting now. Unfortunately, if these leaks are to be believed, it seems that Motorola is starting with owners in the government and business sectors. The good news, for such users, is that Motorola will be keeping with their promise of completing the upgrade with free shipping and a 3 day turn around time.

We’ll keep you posted when information is made known regarding XOOM LTE upgrades for normal consumers.